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Why it works?

Our mission is to offer a training system and environment that elevates all riders to a highly skilled
level with a 100% retention that is affordable, social and relevant to everyday riding scenarios.
There are three elements that are critical to riding a road bike well. If you can just get these 3
elements down on a road bike then you will be able to develop to any level you want. Imagine
having these 3 elements locked and loaded, right at the beginning of your Riding journey.

1. SPEED CONTROL: subtle use of throttle, gears and most importantly the brakes is fundamental to
mastery of the bike but even more important is understanding the feedback from the frame, tyres
and suspension.

2. POSTURE : Maintaining balance, smooth use of the controls while cornering, braking and
accelerating all come down to how you sit and move on the bike. To move well on the bike you need
to know the body mechanics on posture and human movement. There are three main elements on
posture. Mastering these three elements will take your cornering to the next level

Head and eye movement


Body position

Getting this right will be a watershed moment on your riding journey.

3. TIMING : A bike has two wheels. When and how you change your speed will have a subtle or
drastic affect on your steering and stability. Poor timing will destabilize your bike in all kinds of
situations but primarily in corners. Good timing however will create stabilization and predictable
steering which will ultimately result in mastery of the bike.

At MotoDojo we have created the Rider Development Program. This is a first for motorcycle training
and we are very excited to offer it to the Brisbane motorcycling community. In the rider
development program,  members will complete three, focused, 3 hour training and coaching
modules on specialized skills that focus on the 3 critical elements of riding. Members will be
able to book on for any of the modules as per the schedule , leaving plenty of time for practice and other things just
as important in life such as family, friends and your job.

The key element for learning and retaining a skill is repetition, practice and continuous
reinforcement though coaching and revision. At MotoDojo you repeat the training over our three carpark modules, and then we refine your skills on a faster circuit at Lakeside Raceway's DTC Track. 

At the Dojo you don’t just get regular coaching and revision and an awesome skill set, we also supply
the bike and gear if you don’t have one. All the modules have a maximum of 5 students so you get
plenty of attention and time with the instructor. At MotoDojo the
most valuable thing you will get is confidence and it’s confidence that infuses into your riding and
creates the experience that we all crave , a mastery of the bike.

The cost for the Rider Development program will be $120 per course and each course will run for a 3 hour period. Please note that there is a minimum of 2 people per course and if only 1 has booked they can be rescheduled to another time. To book in, please go to the Rider Development Page page at the top and there is a special booking page for these courses. 

There is a detailed breakdown of each training course on the Club page 

At Motodojo, we have developed a training system that allows us to give you more time and more
skills at a lower cost. Our club training system will cover the complete range of riding skills and
techniques over a series of sessions.


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