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This is a very common question we get asked as it can be a little bit confusing as to what is actually required to obtain a license.


Firstly you must complete your Pre Learners Course, this is a 2 day course with each day being run consecutively. There is a basic requirement needed for this course, being over 160cm (if not please call before booking), holding a current Queensland drivers licenses for 12 months or longer, being able to ride a bicycle and ideally being about to drive a manual car or at least have a very good understanding of how a manual gearbox works. If you do not know how to drive a manual car we would very strongly suggest sitting our Introduction To The Motorcycle course.


Once you have completed your course, we will upgrade your license on the Department of Transport website and this will allow you to access the Online Learners Knowledge test, a 30 multiple choice test that must be passed and paid for ($25.60) to get your learners license. You need to get a minimum of 28/30 to pass this test. Whilst you are on your learners license you can only ride a bike with an open class rider who has held their license for 12 months or longer and there is no minimum amount of ride time needed to do on your learners, although we strongly recommend getting in some practice on road and in car parks whilst on your learners. If you do not have anyone to take you out or your own bike we offer several options that can help! 


You will need to hold your learners license for 3 months and complete your Hazard Perception Test before you can sit your RE (Restricted) Course. This is the course that will allow you to ride a LAMS motorcycle by yourself on the road. It is an 8 hour day and you can have a read of the course here. 


You need to hold your RE license for 2 years before you are eligible to sit your R (Unrestricted) Course. It is a quick 3.5 hour course and is the final step for your motorcycle license.

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