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  • What do I need to get my bike license? 

        You must hold a current Queensland car license for 12 months or longer, this means a Red P license not a learners                license. Have a read of our WHAT YOU NEED page for more info or read our DETAILED COURSE BREAKDOWN 

  • Do you provide the bike with the course, and what about the gear??

        All bikes and gear are provided with every Motodojo course, this is included in the cost of the course and there is no            hidden or extra fees

  • Can i use my own bike for the course? And if I do can I get a discount on the price?

        You can definitely use your own bike, it is what you have practiced on and feel comfortable so we would rather you be          as prepared as possible, and as our prices are already quite competitive we do not offer a discount for use of your                own bike

  • I have never ridden a bike before and do not know how to drive a manual car, where should I start?

        We have a course called Introduction to the Motorcycle, it is a quick 2 hour course that has been capped at 3 people            and only costs $80. It is a great way to ease into riding and is very important if you want do not know how to drive a            manual car or understand how a gear box works as this is expected to be known in the Pre Learners course. 

  • Why do I need to be over 160cm tall? It said it when I was trying to make a booking?

        We use Honda cb125e motorcycles for our learners course, we have adjusted some seats on them so they are lower              but they still have a height limit. We require you to be able to basically put your feet flat on the floor while seated on            the bike to insure that if you wobble you will be able to put your feet down without dropping our motorcycle and more          importantly not hurting yourself. You are always free to come up and have a seat on our bikes whenever we are there            to see if you can put your feet down before making your booking. If you do go ahead with the booking and are under            160cm tall, we have a 1 drop policy meaning if you drop the bike, you will fail the course, again this is for both our and           your safety. Alternatively, feel free to bring your own motorcycle to sit the course on. 

  • What happens if I show up to the course and find out the I am not eligible to sit?

        When booking we will send you a confirmation email that has an eligibility checker in it, you can also find this on the            department of transport website HERE. If you do show up and are not eligible it means that you will forfit your deposit          and will have to re book and pay again, alternatively if you book in and need to change your booking just give us a                call and we can move it no problem as long as it is longer than 5 days out from the start time of your course

  • I have an international license and want to transfer it to and Australian license, what do I need?

       First of all, you can check the list of eligible countries HERE or feel free to give the Department of Transport a ring to             check to see if you are eligible for a transfer. Once you know this, you simply have to book in for the course you can             transfer too, and do the written test. The written test can be completed either before or after the Q-Ride course. Please         note, you must have a current Queensland car license or a current Customer Reference Number to be eligible to                   transfer an international license ​

        Please note that getting any motorcycle license in Queensland all training must be done through an authrorised Q-Ride          provider. Motodojo has had a long standing relationship with the Queensland Department Of Transport and has been 

        issuing motorcycle licenses for over 8 years under this RSP (Regestered Service Provider) 

Please if you have any other questions that have not been answered here feel free to give us a call on 0403 65 65 69 and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you

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