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Which ones for me?

These courses offered by Motodojo are made of modules that will make sure you have a rock solid foundation in riding a bike before we start to push your limits with more advanced techniques. That being said, this is not a level 1 / level 2 situation. Both of these courses can be sat in any order but we have designed Cornering and Stabilization to be sat first, followed by Cornering and Steering as it has some more advanced techniques. Sitting the courses in this order will give you the best results and maximize the amount you can learn with us. 


Modules included in Cornering and Stabilization;

  • Pre Course Briefing

  • Warm Up Session 

  • Posture (Exercise)

  • Cornering Lines

  • Peripheral Vision / Direct Vision (Exercise)

  • Posture 

  • Quick Stop Breaking

  • Changing Gears Up and Down

  • Breaking For The Turn


Modules included in Cornering and Steering


  • Pre Course Briefing

  • Warm Up Session

  • Posture (Exercise) 

  • Counter Steering 

  • Change Posture / Lean Angle (Exercise) 

  • Speed vs Momentum / Trail Braking 

  • Locking Into the Bike (Exercise) 

  • Speed Map / Cornering Components 

  • Rear Brake Over Throttle 

  • Hanging Off


All our courses are 6 modules with Stabilization having 2 exercises on the doughnut and Steering having 3 exercises on the doughnut. 


Please note that spaces are somewhat limited and in extreme cases you might be asked to change groups. We will do everything we can to keep your original choice. 


If you have any questions at all please call Phil on 0426 690 025

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