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What you need:




  • Long Trousers

  • Long sleeve shirt

  • Shoes

  • Water bottle

  • Tuck shop money



  • You must have held your car licence for a minimum of 12 months or international equivalent If you do not have a motorcycle learners permit, RE(L), then you are required to complete this course to get one.

  • If you have a motorcycle learners permit, RE(L), But you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle or you only have limited experience on a motorcycle then we strongly recommend you do this course


The Pre Learner Course is the first step on your motorcycle journey. The Pre Learner Course is a beginner course, that runs over 2 days. On this course we teach everyone as if they have no experience on a motorcycle. This course is warm and fuzzy and everyone gets a hug. As much as Its likely that you will be successful, If you have no experience with a clutch and gears in a car, your

outcome will likely be limited to the minimum of the competency standards. DON’T PANIC. we have a plan!!!


There is a great opportunity to learn a very confident level of skill and awareness on this course if you can already change gears, so for this reason we offer a Introduction to the Bike session on Monday nights. This session runs you through the basics of start, stop and change gears. In our experience when someone with no experience with a clutch and gears completes this course

their outcome for the Pre Learner course is profoundly different to someone who hasn’t. The Introduction to the Bike Session is also a very good way to see if riding a motorcycle is for you at a far lower cost than the Pre Learner Course.

This is 2 day course run consecutively and we hold ours on many different days, head over to the BOOK NOW page to see

The course is designed to take you from ground zero, to bike hero!!

Day 1:


1st up we introduce you to the bike , where all the controls and gears are., Then we get you to push the bike around to get used to the brakes and balancing the bike. Then we give you a push and get you riding the bike with the engine off. When you’re feeling confident we will start the bikes and slowly introduce you to the clutch and taking off. Then you start riding in a straight line. Once you’re up and moving we teach you how to change gears and get you to do some nice easy slow laps around our training area. We don’t just teach you how to ride the bike we also teach you how to think in a way that allows you to effectively control your space and maintain your situational awareness. We get you talking and thinking about these skills in discussion sessions throughout the day. Once you’ve had a break, don’t worry, we’ll have more than one! We’ll get you doing some more laps and we will coach you on your cornering technique. This is where previous experience with clutch and gears comes in handy allowing you to focus on cornering instead of changing gears. By the end of Day one you will be able to ride a bike, corner smoothly and confidently and make defensive riding decisions.

Day 2:


This is the best day! Everyone can ride and we learn more technical skills. On day 2 we will complete 3 main skills : slow riding, cornering techniques and braking techniques. We will also continue to discuss defensive techniques and attitudes.


Slow Ride :

  • Ride slow( walking pace) in a straight line. 15 meters in longer than 10 seconds

  • Ride slow in a weave. Cones spaced at five meters speed aprox 6 km/h

Cornering Techniques:

  • Weaving around an obstacle in a straight line ( counter steering ). Riding in a 1.5 mt lane with an obstacle at aprox 20km/h.

  • Slalom ( weaving around cones ). Cones set at five meter spaces aprox 20 km/h

  • Weaving around an obstacle in a corner, same as the straight but in a corner


  • Setting up the brakes. This is a very important skill for stabilizing the bike. Get brakes on lightly at aprox 30 km/h

  • Quick stop braking . For when the unexpected happens. Come to a complete stop from 30km/h within 15 meters

Once you have finished day two you will have your motorcycle learners permit, RE(L), and the skills necessary to ride confidently on the road and to safely develop your skills and technique during your next three months on you learners permit.

Once this has been completed your license will be upgraded and you will be able to sit the Online Learners Test on the Department of Transport website, once this has been completed and paid for you will have your RE Learners. This will allow you to ride a LAMS bike ( with an Open class rider and you must display an L plate on your motorcycle 

What next:

You will need to hold your learners licence for a minimum of 3 months, then you will be eligible to get your RE class licence.

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