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Requirements - Must have held your RE Learners for a minimum of 3 months 

                       Long pants and enclosed shoes  

                       Must have completed the Hazard Perception Test 

This is the 2nd course that will allow you to ride a LAMS bike unaccompanied on the road, it is an 8 hour day and we hold our RE Opens course on Friday's and Saturday's 


Friday - 8am - 4pm

Saturday - 7am - 3pm



Off Road Session:

Warm up Ride: Warm up laps around the training area to get re-acquainted with the bikes and the training area.


Slow ride: 

  • Ride slow in a straight line.: ride 15 meters in longer than 10 seconds

  • Figure 8’s : slow left and right turns in a space aprox. 3 x 2 parking bays

Cornering Techniques:

  • Offset slalom course: 25 km/h weave around cones 6mts apart and offset by ½ mt.

  • Obstacle avoidance: weave around an obstacle on command within 15 mts and over 30 km/h


Braking techniques:

  • Stopping to a point: Apply brakes and stop at a prescribed point from 30 km/h within 15 mts

  • Reaction stop: Stop on a signal within 15 mts from 30 km/h


Simulated ride: An interactive exercise to get you ready for the road ride


On Road Session


A 2 hour road ride in various speed zones up to 80 km/h, consisting of 5 ten minute rides and five 10 min discussions on defensive techniques. Riders take turns leading the road rides.

Once completed we will upgrade you license on the Department of Transport website and you can log on and hit 'UPGRADE MY LICENSE', once this is done you will have your RE Opens license and be able to ride solo! There is no fee to upgrade your license on the Department of Transport website.

What next: 

Once you have completed the RE(restricted) licence course you will have your RE class licence. You can upgrade your licence on the day so you can ride home by yourself if you have used your own bike. The RE licence permits you to ride any learner approved motorcycle. After 2 years you will be eligible to do the R class course.

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