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Location:  1. Motodojo, Calamvale Training Centre , Central Plaza, 662 Compton Rd Calamvale

                   2. Motodojo Rocklea, Rocklea Showgrounds, Cnr Ipswich Rd and Goubera St Rocklea


Duration:  3 hours


Course Times: click on book now to see course times


Revision, brake over throttle 1st gear, clutch control, fig 8, transition 3rd gear to 1st gear U Turn.

Riding slow on a motorcycle can be a challenge, technique is critical to controlling your bike at slow or crawling speeds. In this module you will learn how to combine posture, brake, clutch and throttle to exercise supreme control over your bike at slow speed.

As usual in this module we start with a few warm up laps just to get used to the bikes and the training area and then we jump into the following.


  • Brake Over Throttle: learn to combine brake and throttle to stabilize the bike

  • Clutch Control: Learn to slip the clutch for control at crawling speed

  • Figure 8’s: execute slow tight turns see if you can do a full lock turn

  • 3rd Gear to 1st Gear U Turn : go from fast to slow and put it straight into a u turn

  • Tight U-turn: Execute a tight U-turn in two car parking bays

  • Take off and Turn: Take off from a turning position

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