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Requirements - Long pants and enclosed shoes   


This is a course offered by Motodojo for anyone, of any level!!

If you are looking to begin riding on your Learners but do not know how to drive a manual car or a push bike, then this is the course for you! We offer bespoke 1-on-1 training modules to suit your needs. If there is an area that you would like us to help you with, we can assess the area of weakness and offer our expertise to help you. Taking this course doesn't restrict you to a car park - we can easily move onto the road if that's what you comfortable with, or a mixture of both!

This course is designed for you to do what ever you want within the time frame and we are here to help!!

We have several 1 on 1 times on our website for booking but if none of them suit, please give us a call and we can work around you!

These are billed out at $100 an hour, we can offer discounts for multiple lessons booked!

If the bikes are available we are available!

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