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Location:  1. Motodojo, Calamvale Training Centre , Central Plaza, 662 Compton Rd Calamvale

                   2. Motodojo Rocklea, Rocklea Showgrounds, Cnr Ipswich Rd and Goubera St Rocklea


Duration:  3 hours


Course Times: click on book now to see course times


Cornering, its why we ride. So let’s get this one right. In this module we will introduce you to the basics of cornering, components of a corner, joining the dots ( entry, apex, exit ) and posture.

As usual in this module we start with a few warm up laps just to get used to the bikes and the training area and then we jump into the following.

  • A quick revision on Speed Control


  • Corner Components: In each section of a corner you need to be doing something to the bike and when you know what you need to do in each part of the corner you will be able to stitch together the perfect corner every time.


  • Corner Lines : learn to join the dots and pick a good line through every corner


  • Slalom and Speed Control :​ This exercise will loosen you up on the bike and connect your body to the bike at a muscle memory level

  • Posture: how you use your body on the bike will determine how well you ride the bike, it all starts with posture


  • Speed Timing: Have you ever noticed that bikes do things in corners when you change your speed. Discover the way speed changes affect steering.  In this exercise we teach you how to predict the bikes response to speed changes in the corner and to use our speed map to create a smooth stable corner.


Punting a bike skilfully through a corner is the never ending quest we are all on and we can’t wait to see you and be part of your discovery of the skill that lays within you ,  too much cheese ? I don’t know ? sometimes you need cheese it makes the sandwich better.

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