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First Training Day at Lakeside


Last Friday, myself and the team here at Motodojo, delivered our first full day, track based course at the Lakeside

D.T.C. ( Driver Training Circuit ) We have spent the last year developing the modules by delivering short courses to

our Rider Development Students and reviewing student development, our course content, and our deliveries. Our

confidence around delivering the course was very high and we were also very confident in the results our students

were going to see, because we had seen all the amazing and consistent results from our rider development program

the previous year.

We were ready to go…

I have developed a comprehensive documented training program with a precision timing schedule of sequenced

training and jedi level exercises that change the very structure of your brain.

I must tell you; I was just brimming with confidence and excitement.

I felt like the master of my universe when we rolled up to the main gate at Lakeside Raceway. All my work and the

work of our team, developing and delivering our course was about to come to fruition. My triumph was to be seen

by all. Not to be confused with Matt’s Triumph, which he in fact rode to the course.

Then, everything fell apart …

I had miss read what time the gate would be open, we had students showing up while we were still waiting. All the

material around timing and course structure that I had emailed out (late) was clearly not formatted or not had the

right magic internet stuff done to it, because what I sent was very different to what everyone had received???

And then it started…

The usual looks of distain and pity that I get from the team as they try to negotiate around my quite unique

management style and organization skills. The flurry of confused and panicked activity trying to set everything up.

The team needed a leader and all they got was me.

And then it happened…

Wading through the confusion and mayhem like a Viking, whence came Phil, the conqueror of confusion, the

destroyer of dis-organization, the inter-sector of panic, the installer of calm. Clipboard in hand he took all my forms

and incompetent scratchings to the office, then he promptly left to go to the toilet, and we didn’t see him for

another twenty-seven minutes.

But when he came back…

Time slowed; order flowed in like a calming mist over our troubled little situation. We started to speak in full

sentences again, our students were understanding us, and our system, and we were away, doing and achieving

everything we set out to do that day.

What happened next, was…

Amazing! Throughout the day we watched as our students understanding of how their body and their thoughts

interact with the bike, manifest into purposeful line and speed and skillful use of body and controls. By the end of the

day, it was the most gratifying feeling to release them all back into the wild.

I think the main elements that make our course so effective is the layered and sequenced modules that we deliver.

We develop how you think on the motorcycle, how you move on the motorcycle, how the bike feels underneath you

and we change the way you perceive the space in front of you when you ride.

Through layered and sequenced modules, we covered Corner lines, Speed Map, Posture, Body Movement, Steering

and Braking.

We did psychology on our students…

Every rider developed as predicted throughout the day. The way our course is structured every new subject

introduced is very similar to the previous subject with quite specific additions designed to develop the rider through

a deeper understanding of the material and continuous practice and cross patterned reinforcement of skills and

concepts. As much as the modules change only slightly the last module is very different to the first.

We covered a lot of material on that course, yet no one felt overloaded of fatigued. That in itself, I think, is a

testament to how well our course has been developed and delivered.

Then Rory bloody crashed!...

Last corner, last lap… But he was on fire!! Not literally, figuratively speaking, he looked fantastic. He was so confident

he just found the limit of his MT 07. The bike was still rideable, and Rory found his limits. All in all, a good result and

a really great day!!

I can’t wait to do our next course at Lakeside.

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