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Our Rider Development Program is LIVE!!

Rider development program

There are three elements that are critical to riding a road bike well. If you can just get these 3

elements down on a road bike then you will be able to develop to any level you want. Imagine

having these 3 elements locked and loaded, right at the beginning of your Riding journey.

At MotoDojo we have created the Rider Development Program. This is a first for motorcycle training

and we are very excited to offer it to the Brisbane motorcycling community. In the rider

development program, club members will complete twelve, focused, two hour training and coaching

modules on specialized skills that focus on the 3 critical elements of riding . Club members will be able to do a two

hour module every month, leaving plenty of time for practice and other things just as important in

life such as family, friends and your job.

The key element for learning and retaining a skill is repetition, practice and continuous

reinforcement though coaching and revision. At MotoDojo you keep coming back every month. We

keep refining and polishing your skill every month. Every module has a revision component followed

by a new focused skills/techniques session. Every month you practice something old and learn

something new.

At the Dojo you don’t just get regular coaching and revision and an awesome skill set, we also supply

the bike and gear if you don’t have one. All the modules have a maximum of 5 students so you get

plenty of attention and you get to catch up with the same people every month. At MotoDojo the

most valuable thing you will get is confidence and it’s confidence that infuses into your riding and

creates the experience that we all crave , a mastery of the bike.

The cost for the Rider Development program a monthly fee from $50. When you become a Dojo club

member, all you have to do is sign in and book the module you want to do we will always have more

than one option available.

Do it!! What are you waiting for only a few spots available

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