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Location:  1. Motodojo, Calamvale Training Centre , Central Plaza, 662 Compton Rd Calamvale

                   2. Motodojo Rocklea, Rocklea Showgrounds, Cnr Ipswich Rd and Goubera St Rocklea


Duration:  3 hours


Course Times: click on book now to see course times

This module is all about how to use the brakes and throttle you will learn things you probably won’t learn on a full day course, in this module we look at the little tricks you can use to change the way your bike feels, in this module we will teach you to make your bike angry and then how to calm it down. The brakes on a motorcycle are not just there to slow you down and stop you. In this module you will be introduced to the front and rear brakes and how they can be used as stabilizers.


  • Launching the bike: get it off the line nice and hard


  • Gear changing up and down : smooth sharp up shifts and smooth downshifts with rev


  • Throttle control : learn to use the throttle smooth and progressively

  • Clutch control : learn how to slip the clutch to get power down right when you need it and
    to keep things smooth

  • Stopping smoothly: come to a stop smoothly always in the right gear and always ready to go


  • Quick Stop: stop fast and with complete control learn how to read the feedback from your tyres and suspension


  • Progressive Release: learn how to come off the brakes progressively, this is a precursor to trail braking.

  • Brake Over Throttle: use the rear brake as a stabilizer this is a good technique for trimming the turn

When you master speed control you are able to stabilize and control your steering in a way that blurs the line between brakes throttle and steering. Do this module before you do the Cornering Kung Fu Module.

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